Welcome to my personal digital portfolio. I am currently working as a consultant at Pariveda Solutions in Houston, TX, where I work on a variety of web development and business intelligence projects. I earned a Master of Science in Visualization Sciences in December 2007 from the Visualization Laboratory at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. I consider myself an artist and a programmer with a passion for user interface and experience design.

I am also the organizer of 3DCAMP Houston, a conference taking place on November 14th at the Houston Technology Center for 3D professionals in the area. It's basically a BarCamp for all things 3D.

A sample of my artistic and technical work is available for download here (~40mb .mov) or from youtube, which will load much faster but at a lower quality.

Here are some quick links to my most recent work:

3DCAMP Houston - the BarCamp for all things 3D - NEW!

Resume (pdf)

TopMod3d - My Graduate Thesis Research

Still Portfolio (~2.6mb .pdf)

Demo Reel (~40mb .mov)

Physically Based Modeling Videos

More About Me

This site is very much a work in progress, so come back often and see what's been added. Feel free to email me at dvmorris at gmail dot com.